Lëtz Cybersecurity Challenge

Samstag, Dezember 1, 2018 ( )

VestaTech a fictitious Luxembourgish start-up is in an arms race with a large international conglomerate to reach for and exploit the resources of a close by asteroid.
Join us in this imaginative adventure where not everyone will play fair. Who knew that the last frontier in space would be digital? Soon, you'll be able to show us what you really got!

More information: cybersecuritychallenge.lu

What is the Cybersecurity Challenge Luxembourg? The Cybersecurity Challenge Luxembourg is organized by C3, the Cybersecurity Competence Center Luxembourg, within the frame of the European Cybersecurity Challenge (ECSC) which is an initiative by the European Union Agency for Network and Information Security (ENISA). This competition targets open-minded creative digital natives. Our aim is not only to find talents but encourage young people to pursue a career in cybersecurity and related disciplines. Furthermore, through CSCL, we promote safe online behaviors by raising awareness on information security issues as well as develop expertise and interest in cybersecurity through challenging games and skill tests.