Seminar "Theatre Play as an internet safety awareness campaign tool"

Donnerstag, Mai 3, 2018 ( ) bis Freitag, Mai 4, 2018 ( )

Seminar "Theatre Play as an internet safety awareness campaign tool"
03-04/05/2018 at Forum Geesseknäppchen, 40, bld. Pierre Dupong, L-1430 Luxembourg.
The seminar will serve as platform for knowledge and experience exchange in the field of internet safety. Sessions with expert trainers and actors as well as workshops will help to share tools and good practices focusing on possibilities of communicating messages in an efficient and attractive way.
The Portuguese Safer Internet Centre has adopted a new awareness campaign, bringing theatre to the community. A special focus will be put on this theatre play performed by a Portuguese actors’ group. Starring well-known actors (Pedro Gorgia, Alexandre Silva and Tiago Aldeia), this show addresses online safety topics in theatre rooms, tackling different topics such as cyberbullying, privacy online behaviors, digital identity and online reputation. The positive experience and great success of this campaign (215 theatre sessions, 37.000 youngsters reached) is worth sharing during this seminar.
The main objective of the seminar will be to adopt this attractive way of reaching out to a large public and learn about efficient ways of campaigning.
Target group: Youth workers, Persons in charge of theatre groups from schools or other organizations, safer internet awareness trainers
Language: English
Organizers: Luxembourg Safer Internet Centre BEE SECURE and Portuguese Safer Internet Centre Internet Segura
Please register on - Deadline: 12/03/2018