Youth on the Net: Find your balance

Seminar / Conference on problematic use of new media
8-9 May 2014 | Alvisse Parc Hotel, Luxembourg
For registered participants only.




The follow up conference of the first and successful conference “Youth on the Net” on information safety, security and quality (February 2011) will be focusing on the intensive or even pathological use of new media.

Internet and information technology has conquered our daily life, especially the life of young people. On one hand it is facilitating and enriching our lives, on the other hand it is confronting the users with problems on diverse levels, like loss of privacy, cyberbullying, fraud and addiction. It’s indispensable to raise awareness on a balanced use of new media and support youngsters to use the online world in a healthful and controlled way in order to benefit the most from the new technologies.

Main objectives

The conference will serve as platform for knowledge exchange of youth organizations, consulting services and awareness raising organizations in the scope of a balanced use of computers and online devices.

Experts from research and from gaming industry will provide insight views on the topic.

The participants will share tools and good practices and explore further collaboration possibilities to foster the co-operation in the youth sector and benefit from the diverse competencies and experiences (consulting services, methods, didactics, coordination, etc.).

Target group:

Youth leaders and youth workers, pedagogues
Consulting services experts, psychologists, child psychiatrists
Representatives of National Safer Internet Centers of the European Safer Internet Programme (Insafe network)
Participants have to be older than 18.

Other NGOs & structures co-organising the conference:

Anonym Glécksspiller a.s.b.l.
Centre de Prévention des Toxicomanies (CEPT)
Service Thérapeutique – Solidarité Jeunes (STSJ)