Guide: How to be a good role model in digital matters

People who work with children and young people as professionals or volunteers also have a responsibility in their “private” lives because of their perceived societal role in the local community. It is therefore advisable to cultivate a conscious use of social media networks, so that one’s own reputation on the Internet is guarded and represents the trust and respect required of these professionals.

This guide provides tips and information on how to be a good role model in digital matters for all professionals who work with children and young people including teachers, childcare workers and youth leaders.
It deals with three important aspects of a digital role model: careful use of social networks in terms of one’s own online reputation (protection of privacy, selfpresentation), the lawful handling of photos/video recordings of children (right to one’s own image) and the legally compliant use and distribution of works (photos, pictures, videos, music, programs) of third parties.